I’m Roxi Thiam, but you can call me Roxi.

Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Clinical Herbalist, Weight Loss Strategist, Certified Tea Sommelier™️ and PCOS Warrior.

Enough of the formalities; I’m just like you! I was in your situation before, and I understand what it feels like to have doubts about whether you can achieve optimal health again.

I did it; so can you.

For over a decade, I struggled with an “incurable” condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome; an endocrine, hormonal and metabolic disorder that affects 1 in 5 of women. I suffered symptoms like facial hair, irregular menstrual cycles, infertility, acne, hair loss, obesity, heavy, painful cycyles, insulin resistance (turned type 2 diabetes) and more. After years of failed diets, weight loss drinks, fat burning pills, waist trainers, and other quick ways to lose weight, I gave up.

I lacked confidence and I did not have the mindset required to become change my diagnosis. Fear of commitment became my friend and food was my comfort

I decided to reclaim my life and my destiny.

After been prescribed various medications (including birth control pills,  Metformin, Clomid, antibiotics, and more) and becoming diabetic, I knew something had to change. By incorporating healthier habits and routines, my starting weight of 257 pounds quickly dropped to 130 pounds (105 pounds GONE within 12 months) and my PCOS & diabetes symptoms were no longer present.  

What did I do? ...I reversed my PCOS!

I simply changed my entire lifestyle down to the way I think. I attributed 75% of my weight loss to nutrition, 15% to stress reduction and the final 10% to exercises and stretching. Though my methods were unorthodox to my family and friends, my body felt better; so I continued.To find the peace I was searching for, I dedicated my life to learning and understanding PCOS, energetics, ayurvedic & Chinese medicine, meditation, yoga, aromatherapy, crystal healing, herbalism, feng shui and other holistic avenues to achieve vitality. 

These methods allowed me see myself, others and the universe as divine bodies of energy. As such, I was able to energize myself using various techniques. I studied further and received certification as a Reiki Practitioner & continued to pursue my board certification in Holistic Nutrition & Holistic Wellness.

After living with PCOS for fourteen and a half years, I received amazing news from my team of physicians that I no longer fit the Rotterdamn Criteria for PCOS – the incurable disease that nearly ended my life. I realized that I have the power to do and be anything; I can create the healthy life I want to live.

I view my story as a proof that you can beat the PCOS odds, and I promised myself that’d go the extra mile to help one million women eliminate their symptoms. I help my clients build a foundation for healthy habits by changing their relationship with food, stress and movement for a more prosperous & fulfilling life.

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