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I’m Roxi – Your PCOS Nutritionist & Support

I have a familiar story: irregular cycles, acne, hair loss, insulin resistance, obesity, abnormal hair growth, infertility…you get my point. I struggled with PCOS for over a decade and had no clue how to manage my prediabetes or stress. But I think we all come to that “AHAA!” moment; and finally realize life can be whatever you want it to be. Once that realization sank in, I found the courage to shed over 100 pounds in 13 months; reversing all my PCOS symptoms for good.

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Main Rules


Understand Your Why

Understanding your why will enable you to make intentional changes in your life. It will also give you the foundation needed to create goals that you can stick to.

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Know your PCOS Type

Did you know there are 4 distinct types of PCOS? Identifying the root cause for your PCOS symptoms is a key step to developing a plan to eliminate your symptoms.

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Be willing to change

One of my favorite quotes is “If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” you will truly see the power you possess.

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This fun bingo game challenges you to practice healthy habits to stay safe, live well and win cash (and other prizes) for doing it!

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Why intermittent fasting can be a powerful tool for your health

Intermittent fasting has been trending for quite some time now. Is it simply hype or is there science to back up the grandiose claims of…

6 ways to treat PCOS induced acne

6 ways to treat PCOS induced acne For most women with PCOS, acne seems like a never-ending nightmare. That was certainly my case. I can…



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No Prescription Needed DELIVERS! Jatarah does an incredible job of candidly sharing her challenges and triumphs in a way that will inspire her audience to take full control of their health with the most powerful medicines known… organic, plant-based foods & herbs. I loved reading her story and I felt completely informed and encouraged from the first page to the last.

Dr. Henele E’ale


Founder of the Energetic Health Institute


Success Stories

Meeting Roxi was right on time. My weight had me annoyed with everything around me. Working with Roxi turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. For months, she gently pushed me and provided the steps I needed to relieve my acne, hair loss, and restart my cycle. I also had issues getting rid of the weight around my belly and thighs. She believed I could achieve what I wanted, and eventually I believed it too. Her warm and encouraging personality inspired me to continue; even when I wanted to quit. She never judged me when I was frustrated, sad or angry. She genuinely cared for me, and I am grateful for her friendship.

Nancy Moore

I’ve been working with Roxi to focus on my obesity and nutrition. She has been incredibly supportive and empathetic. She identifies areas I need to work on and guides me through setting goals and working to achieve them. Her services touch every aspect of my life. I was diagnosed with PCOS a little over 6 years ago – but my doctors were always extremely vague about what this condition really is. Roxi’s knowledge helped me understand that I have power over this! My relationship with food is now completely different and my nearly all of my PCOS symptoms have subsided. I also have lost a total of 45 pounds. Little goal by little goal, we’re achieving the bigger picture, and I can’t thank her and recommend her enough.

Alexa G.

Roxi is an angel. She’s a fantastic person and even a better coach. She has a way of influencing everyone around her with positive energy and liveliness. She’s extremely knowledgeable, friendly, patient, kind, and fun to talk to! Thanks to her, I learned more about PCOS than ever. With her program, I lost 15 pounds in 30 days and now I plan my meals out daily! Sometimes, you just need that little push…Roxi will give you just that!

Ms. Sylvia

Thank you, Roxi. I honestly believe your wisdom on health is an answer to my prayers. My family is going to be so blessed.

Debora Monroe


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